Eric Colby
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Hello everyone!
My name is Eric Colby from Portland, Maine. During 2020 I completed the NFEC Financial Education Certification during COVID. I have since decided to become a financial coach for a few reasons. Fist to learn how to better help my family and not make the mistakes I had made in the past. I am the poster child of what not to do with your finances while growing up. I learned the worst habits from my parents, but on the flip side people always wondered how we always did ok in life. I learned a hard lesson when I decided to serve my country and the pay was much less than my lifestyle. Then life threw a nasty curveball and I was injured and was separated from the service. Separated with a lot of debt, injured and I was homeless with my wife and kids.
I ended up at the public library reading books on personal finance and business. Long story short after several years, I decided it was time to become certified which led me here to NFEC so I can help more people so they never have to go through what I went through in life, and it was a result of my upbringing and lack of financial education. Now with the knowledge I gained from life experiences, reading, the NFEC course and putting my family on a path to debt freedom I am so passionate about helping others do the same so they don’t have to live pay check to paycheck. I look forward to connecting with and working with you all.
Wishing you all the best,
Eric Colby