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  • Eric Colby
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    Hello everyone!
    I am a new coach trying to structure my business. Being a new financial coach and I am trying to get a consensus of how much I should be charging? I have looked on line at other coaches in my area but all are either very experienced, CPA’s or financial advisors who are also coaches. I am not sure where I should set my pricing.
    Thank you,

    Samuel Bruce
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    Hi Eric, there is a FB group called Financial Coaches Unite and it is pretty good about answering your questions about these sort of topics.

    In short I would suggest being competitive, to give the image that you are just as valuable as those other coaches. In the end it is about providing value to your clients.

    As you figure out your niche or the services you want to provide you can modify how you price your packages/programs.

    Hope this helps.

    Guy P
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    I’ve seen coaches offer packages and hourly. I’m leaning more towards hourly. There’s some good information on Youtube.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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